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Triumph at the Hong Kong Asian Adult Exhibition: A Showcase of Innovation and Success

Navigating Success: A Spotlight on Innovation and Triumph at the Hong Kong Asian Adult Exhibition. From Dongguan Aiershi Technology Co., Ltd.

In the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, our recent participation in the Asian Adult Exhibition (AAE) was more than just an event – it was a journey of innovation, networking, and unparalleled success. As we reflect on our experiences. We’re thrilled to share the remarkable achievements and triumphs that unfolded during this influential exhibition.

Revolutionizing the Landscape:

Our presence at the Hong Kong AAE Exhibition was marked by the unveiling of groundbreaking innovations that are set to redefine the landscape of the adult industry. From cutting-edge technologies to revolutionary sex toys, our showcase captured the attention and imagination of attendees, affirming our commitment to pushing boundaries.

Networks and Partnerships:

The AAE Exhibition proved to be a dynamic platform for forging meaningful connections and partnerships within the adult industry. Our team actively engaged with industry leaders, collaborators, and professionals, fostering relationships that will drive future success. The networking opportunities were invaluable, laying the groundwork for mutually beneficial collaborations.

Homi Headphones Sucking & Slapping 2-in-1 Vibrator

Positive Reception and Recognition:

The overwhelmingly positive feedback received during the exhibition was a testament to the resonance of our offerings. Recognition in the adult industry is a significant achievement. And the positive reception positions us as leaders in innovation and quality. This recognition extends our influence within the community and sets the stage for future accomplishments.

Homi Wearable Couple Vibrator & 10-frequency Vibration with Remote Control

Educational Engagements:

In fact, beyond the exhibition booths, our team actively participated in panel discussions and educational sessions, contributing to the industry’s knowledge base. By sharing insights, and expertise, and fostering dialogue. We not only enriched the exhibition experience but also demonstrated our commitment to education and thought leadership within the adult industry.

Elevating Brand Visibility:

Our strategic approach to the exhibition, coupled with engaging presentations and marketing efforts, catapulted our brand visibility to new heights. As interest in our innovations grew, so did our online and offline presence. Ensuring that our brand remains at the forefront of industry discussions and developments.

Homi Powder Puff Sucking & Tapping 2-in-1 Vibrator with Charging Case

Participating in the Hong Kong AAE Exhibition was a monumental experience, and our triumphs and successes during the event have set the stage for a new era of innovation and influence within the adult industry. As we move forward, we express our gratitude to the organizers, fellow exhibitors, and all who contributed to making this event a resounding success. Then the journey continues, and we are excited to build on this momentum. Finally, it brings forth even more groundbreaking innovations and success stories in the dynamic world of adult entertainment.

Homi 10-Frequency Tapping Prostate Vibrator with Lights

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The Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys for Women – Top Recommendations

Discover the best sex toys for women and learn how to use them in this comprehensive guide. From vibrators to dildos, we’ve got you covered.

sex toys for women

Sex toys for women can add an extra dimension of pleasure to solo or partnered sexual experiences. However, with so many different types of toys on the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about sex toys for women, including the best products, how to use them, what is the best female sex toy, and some helpful tips to enhance your experience.

Chapter 1: Types of Sex Toys for Women

There are many different types of sex toys for women available, each designed to provide a unique type of stimulation. Some of the most popular types include:

Vibrators – Vibrators are a classic sex toy for women and come in a range of shapes and sizes, from small bullet vibrators to larger wand vibrators. They can be used for external or internal stimulation.

Dildos – Dildos are a type of sex toy designed for penetration. They can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, including realistic dildos that mimic the look and feel of a penis.

Clitoral stimulators – These sex toys are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris, either through suction, vibration, or both. They can be used during solo play or with a partner.

Kegel balls – Kegel balls are small, weighted balls designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They can be used for both sexual and health benefits.

Chapter 2: How to Use Sex Toys for Women

Using sex toys for women can be easy, but it’s important to follow some basic guidelines to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience. Here are some tips:

Clean your toys before and after use with warm water and mild soap or a toy cleaner.

Use plenty of water-based lubricant to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Start with smaller toys and work your way up to larger ones.

Communicate with your partner if you’re using toys together to ensure a pleasurable experience for both of you.

Chapter 3: Top Sex Toys for Women

There are countless female sex toy on the market, but here are some of the top-rated and recommended ones:

Heart Vibrator – This clitoral stimulator uses suction technology to provide intense and unique sensations.

Homi Wearable Couples – This couples’ vibrator is designed to be worn during sex, providing both clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Homi Inner Ring Ball Vibrator – This luxury vibrator has a unique “come hither” motion that targets the G-spot and provides clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Female sex toy can be a fun and exciting way to explore your sexuality and enhance your sexual experiences. By choosing the right toy and following some basic guidelines for use, you can enjoy safe and pleasurable experiences both solo and with a partner. Whether you prefer vibrators, dildos, clitoral stimulators, or something else entirely, there’s a sex toy out there for everyone.

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An Unforgettable Business Opportunity: Participate in the 2023 Shanghai International Sexy Life and Health Industry Expo

Meet you at 2023 Shanghai Adult Expo
Homi will be exhibiting at
Shanghai International Adult Exhibition!
This time we will bring a variety of new erotic products
We are looking forward to meeting you all here!

Hi everyone so happy to tell you some surprises.
We sincerely invite you to participate in the Shanghai International Erotic Life and Health Industry Expo 2023, April 21-23, 2023, at the Shanghai Transnational Sourcing Exhibition Center. Our company will have booth B21B at the fair and will showcase our latest erotic and wellness products.

Our Booth

As one of the largest exhibitions in the industry, this exhibition will attract many visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. We believe that this is a great opportunity for us to discuss the latest trends and technological innovations regarding erotic and wellness products. As well as to showcase our company’s latest research and products.

Our company specializes in the development and production of various types of erotic and wellness products.
And at the exhibition we will present our latest research results and technological innovations, as well as how our solutions can help our customers improve their quality of life.

We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition and providing you with insights and insights into erotic and wellness products. We will arrange for you to receive technical support and professional services from our professional technicians.

And we believe that this will be an unforgettable opportunity to provide you with business opportunities and partners on a global scale. If you need more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff.
Thank you again for your interest and support, and we look forward to meeting you!

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How Often Do Women Have Sex?

How often do women have sex,how often do single women have sex or how often do women like to have sex, in the Homisextoys blog post.

how often do women want to have sex

How often do women have sex? What is a “normal” frequency to have intercourse? Do I have too much or not enough sex drive? How often do single women have sex? How often do women like to have sex?

Unsolved Mystery About Sexuality

For many people, including women, female sexuality is a big unsolved mystery. It is in the sense that each body is different, and there is no “normality” for the sexual activity.

There are, however, some principles for female sexuality that rarely change.

– Female sexuality is closely linked and influenced by the reproductive cycle

– Female sexual drive can be influenced by factors such as stress, medication, relationship status, physical and emotional health, pregnancy, age, culture and moral systems, …

–The female sexual drive is very often a response to an erotic stimulus (instead of spontaneous)*

– For women, sex is not only a physical but also an emotional experience

– Arousal as well as orgasm take more time for women than for men

It’s important to remember that each woman’s experience of sexual desire and responsiveness is unique, and there are many factors that can influence it. (coming from a partner, a book, a sex toys, etc).

So, things are a bit different than the fantasy our society bathes in, conveying the image of a constantly sexualised woman, ready for sex anytime, anywhere.

When confronting the fantasy to the reality of our sex lives, we find ourselves wondering: “Am I normal?”, “Should I be having more or less sex?”, “Is there an ideal frequency for sex?”. But in reality, how often women have sex varies a lot.

Free To Explore Their Sexuality

Hark! Prithee, alloweth me to regale thee with a tale of feminine wiles and carnal pursuits. How often do women like to have sex? This question doth plague the minds of many a curious soul, and yet, the answer doth elude us still.

Forsooth, the frequency of a woman’s sexual indulgence is but a matter of great variance, shaped by sundry factors such as age, relationship status, and personal predilection.

As the morning lark doth sing, it is oft the case that younger women. In the bloom of youth and vigor, doth engage in the act of love more frequently than their elder peers.

This is perhaps due to the flux of hormones coursing through their veins, and the unbridled spirit of adventure that doth mark their nascent days.

But lo, this is not always the case. Many a woman, even in her autumn years, doth revel in the joys of the flesh. And enjoy a robust and fulfilling sex life.

This may be attributed to good health, a strong bond with her lover, or simply the grace of divine providence.

Indeed, the matter of relationship status doth weigh heavily upon the frequency of sexual activity for women.

Those who have pledged their troth to a faithful and loving partner are oft found to partake in the act more frequently than those who are not so betrothed.

The bonds of love and trust doth often kindle the fires of passion, and provide ample opportunity for the expression of carnal desire.

Yet, it doth bear mentioning that this is not the case for all women. There are those who eschew the trappings of monogamy, and find solace in the arms of multiple lovers.

And there are those who abstain from the pleasures of the flesh altogether, finding greater joy in the pursuits of the mind and spirit.

Ultimately, the matter of female sexual activity is as varied and complex as the women themselves.

The strictures of culture and society may influence their behavior. But in the end, it is their own will and desire that guides their actions.

Let us then foster an environment of open communication, mutual respect, and consent. Wherein women are free to explore their sexuality and find fulfillment in their own way.

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How to use a vibrator during sex with a partner

Using a vibrator with a partner can add extra pleasure for both. However,it is also important know how to use the vibrator with your partner.

Introduction Sex toys are becoming increasingly popular in the bedroom, with vibrators being a favorite among many couples. Using a vibrator during sex can add extra sensations and pleasure for both partners. However, if you’ve never used a vibrator before, it can be daunting to figure out how to incorporate it into your sex life. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to use a vibrator with a partner.

Start with Communication

Before introducing a vibrator into the bedroom, it’s essential to communicate with your partner. Talk about why you want to use a vibrator, how you want to using a vibrator with a partner, and what kind of vibrator you want to use. Discuss your boundaries and limits, and make sure you’re both on the same page. Having an open and honest conversation can help ensure that both partners are comfortable and enthusiastic about using a vibrator.

Choose the Right Vibrator

When it comes to choosing a vibrator, there are many different options available. Consider the size, shape, and intensity of the vibrator, and choose one that suits your preferences. If you’re new to using a vibrator, a smaller and less intense vibrator might be a good starting point. You might also want to consider a vibrator that’s designed for couples, such as a wearable vibration that can be worn during sex.

Experiment with Different Positions

One of the benefits of using a vibrator during sex is that it can add extra sensations to different positions. Experiment with different positions and see which ones feel the best for both partners. Some popular positions for using a vibrator include missionary, doggy-style, and cowgirl. Don’t be afraid to try different angles and variations of these positions to find what works best for you.

Incorporate the Vibrator into Foreplay

Using a vibrator with a partner during foreplay can help set the mood and get both partners aroused. Use the vibrator to stimulate erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, nipples, and penis. You can also use the vibrator to tease and build anticipation before moving on to penetration.

Use the Vibrator During Penetration

Once both partners are aroused, it’s time to incorporate the vibrator during penetration. You can use the vibrator to stimulate the clitoris or perineum while engaging in vaginal or anal intercourse. Alternatively, you can use a vibrator that’s designed for couples, such as a wearable vibrator that stimulates both partners simultaneously.

Experiment with Different Vibrator Settings

Most vibrators come with different settings and intensities, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different settings to find what feels best. Start with a lower setting and gradually increase the intensity as you get more comfortable. Remember, using a vibrator during sex is all about adding extra pleasure, so find what works best for you and your partner.

Clean the Vibrator

After Use After using a vibrator, it’s important to clean it thoroughly. Use warm water and mild soap to clean the vibrator, and make sure it’s completely dry before storing it. Some vibrators come with a cleaning spray or wipes that can be used to disinfect the vibrator.

Using a vibrator with a partner can add extra pleasure and sensations for both partners. However, it’s important to communicate with your partner, choose the right vibrator, and experiment with different positions and settings to find what works best. With a little experimentation and communication, incorporating a vibrator into your sex life can be a fun and exciting experience.

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The development trend of sex toys in the future

The sex toys shop industry has been rapidly evolving over the past few years, driven by technological advancements and changing social attitudes towards sexuality.

sex toys shop

Here are some of the key trends that are currently shaping the industry:

Increased focus on inclusivity and diversity

The sex toy website industry is becoming more inclusive and diverse, with products that cater to people of all genders, sexual orientations, and body types.

The company recognises that people have different needs and preferences, and continues to develop toys that meet these needs.

The rise of smart sex toys

Smart sex toys, which can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, are becoming increasingly popular.

These toys allow people to connect with their partners from anywhere in the world, and offer a range of features such as vibration patterns, temperature control, and more.

Greater emphasis on sexual health and wellness

As people become more open about their sexual health, the sex toys shop industry is focusing more on products that promote sexual wellness.

This includes toys that can help with sexual dysfunction, pelvic floor strengthening, and other health-related issues.

Integration with virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality technology is being integrated into sex toys, creating immersive and interactive experiences for users.

This technology allows people to explore their sexuality in new and exciting ways, and can help with issues such as sexual anxiety and performance.

Sustainability and ethical manufacturing

The sex toys shop industry is becoming more conscious of its environmental impact and ethical manufacturing practices.

Companies are using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and ensuring that their products are manufactured in ethical and fair working conditions.

In conclusion, the sex toys shop industry is evolving rapidly;with a focus on inclusivity, diversity, sexual health, and technological innovation.

As the industry continues to grow and develop.

It is likely that we will see even more exciting and innovative products in the years to come.

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How to make the perfect adult toys wholesale order?(cost, safety, sale support)

When it comes to purchasing adult toys, wholesale sex toy orders are a great way to save money and stock up on products that your customers will love. However, placing a wholesale sex toys order can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the adult toy industry. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of making the perfect adult toys wholesale order, taking into consideration cost, safety,and sale support.

Research and Compare Prices

The first step in making the perfect wholesale sex toys order is to research and compare prices. You want to make sure that you are getting the best possible price for the products you want to purchase. Look for sex toy wholesaler that offer competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders. It is one of the most important steps to carry out adult toy wholesale.

Additionally, it is important to compare the prices of the products you want to purchase across different wholesalers. Don’t just settle for the first wholesaler you come across, as you may find that another sex toy wholesaler offers better prices for the same products.

Check the Safety of the Products

The safety of the products you purchase is of utmost importance. You want to make sure that the products you sell to your customers are safe to use and do not pose any health risks. Therefore, it is important to check the safety of the products before making a sex toy wholesale order.

Look for wholesalers that use high-quality materials and comply with industry standards and regulations. You can also check the product reviews and ratings to see what other customers have to say about the safety and quality of the sex toys. This is one of the most important steps in making adult toy wholesale too.

Consider Sale Support

When making a sex toy wholesale order, it is important to consider the sale support that the wholesaler offers. Sale support includes things like product information, marketing materials, and customer service.

Look for wholesalers that provide detailed product information and marketing materials such as product images and descriptions. This will make it easier for you to market the products to your customers and increase sales.

Additionally, it is important to choose a wholesaler that provides excellent customer service. This includes things like fast shipping, easy returns, and responsive customer support.

Order a Variety of Products

Finally, when making a wholesale order, it is important to order a variety of products. This will allow you to offer your customers a wide range of options to choose from. You should consider ordering products that cater to different preferences, such as vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and bondage gear,the most important thing is to find the right sex toy wholesaler.

When ordering a variety of products, make sure that you consider the needs and preferences of your target audience. For example, if you cater to a predominantly female audience, you may want to order more vibrators and dildos.

In conclusion, making the perfect adult toys wholesale order requires careful consideration of cost, safety, and sale support. Find the Right Sex Toy Wholesaler by researching and comparing prices, checking the safety of the products, considering sale support, and ordering a variety of products, you can make a wholesale order that meets the needs and preferences of your customers while also saving you money.

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What is a male masturbator? What are the benefits of using a male masturbator.

Shop online for wholesale male masturbato? Homisextoys has a full-scale list of wholesale wholesale male sex toys products at factory prices.

male masturbator

Masturbation cups, also known as male masturbators, are a popular sex toy for men.

These Masturbation cups have simulate the sensation of vaginal, oral, or anal sex, and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

In this blog, we will discuss the different types of masturbation cups.

Their benefits and drawbacks, and some tips on how to use them.

Types of Masturbation Cups

There are several types of masturbation cups available on the market, including:

  • Pocket Pussy: A pocket pussy is a small, handheld device that is designed to mimic the sensation of vaginal sex. It is made of a soft, pliable material, such as silicone, and features a tunnel-like opening that the penis can be inserted into.
  • Blowjob Simulator: A blowjob simulator is designed to mimic the sensation of oral sex. It usually features a soft, silicone sleeve that is shaped like a mouth and includes a series of ridges and bumps to simulate the feeling of a tongue and lips. Best hands free male masturbator.
  • Anal Masturbator: An anal masturbator is designed to simulate the sensation of anal sex. It features a tight, ribbed tunnel that is meant to feel like a real anus.
  • Combination Masturbators: Some masturbation cups are designed to simulate more than one type of sexual experience. For example, a combination masturbator may feature both a vaginal and anal opening, or a blowjob simulator and a vaginal opening.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Masturbation Cups,including:

  • Enhanced Sensation: Masturbation cups are designed to provide a more realistic and pleasurable sensation than simply using your hand
  • Variety: There are many different types of masturbation cups available, each offering a unique sensation and experience.
  • Privacy: Masturbation cups can be used in the privacy of your own home, providing a discreet and convenient way to experience sexual pleasure.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using masturbation cups, including:

  • Cost: Masturbation cups can be expensive, with some high-end models costing hundreds of dollars.
  • Maintenance: Masturbation cups require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they remain hygienic and functional.
  • Addiction: Like any type of sexual activity, it is possible to become addicted to using a masturbation cup.

How to Use a Masturbation Cup?Best male masturbation techniques.

If you are new to using a male masturbato.

It can take a little bit of practice to get the hang of it.

Here are the best male masturbation techniques for your reference.

  • Choose the Right Type: There are many different types of masturbation cups available, so it’s important to choose one that is designed to provide the type of sensation you are looking for.
  • Lubricate: Masturbation cups are designed to be used with lubricant, so be sure to apply a generous amount before use.
  • Experiment with Technique: use the best hands free male masturbator can be used in a variety of different ways, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you.
  • Clean and Store: After use, be sure to clean your masturbation cup thoroughly and store it in a cool, dry place.


Male masturbato can be a great way to enhance your sexual experience and provide a more realistic and pleasurable sensation.

With a wide variety of types and styles available.

There is sure to be a masturbation cup that suits your preferences and desires.

As with any sexual activity, it’s important to use masturbation cups responsibly and with care to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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5 Tips Help You Find Your Sex Toys Manufacturer In China

China manufacturers of sex toys – professional Wholesale Sex Toys Manufacturer – professional OEM / ODM Sex Toys.

In the past year(the year 2020), due to the impact of the epidemic, home quarantine has become a normal state. In this context, the demand for Sex Toys has risen sharply, and the increase in demand has driven the rapid growth of the market. As business people, how to earn profits in this fast-growing sex toys market? How to get your best backup–Sex Toys Manufacturer?

The Sex Toys industry has its own characteristics. Its market is concentrated in Europe and America, but its manufacturing is concentrated in China. China’s export of Sex Toys accounts for about 80% of the global Sex Toys market share. By the end of 2020, there are more than 8000 registered suppliers of sex toys in China.

Today, let’s first discuss how to find a sex toys manufacturer in China with a stable supply, strong comprehensive strength, and suitable for our own business model to lay the business foundation.

1 . Customization Capacity (ODM / OEM Sex toys):

How to judge the strength of a supplier of sex toys? The most important is the design capacity, but this part is precisely what Chinese manufacturers of sex toys lack most. The manufacturing process of Sex Toys is very simple, it is not high-tech, most production uses the assembly process, and the biggest difference between sex toys lies in design. We can see that the market is flooded with Sex Toys of various colors, shapes, and functions. This is the result of many years of vigorous competition among various manufacturers of sex toys for design capabilities.

Although the design capacity is not so good, Chinese manufacturers of sex toys have strong customization capabilities. They manufacture according to the brand design schemes of foreign Sex Toys or make some minor modifications to the hot-selling sex toys of foreign brands to form their own sex toy designs. This is the best attempt made by most manufacturers of sex toys in the design process.
Why don’t China manufacturers of sex toys do their own research and development of design?

China sex toy manufacturers

This is not because China sex toy manufacturers do not have this power, but because Chinese traditional culture conflicts with sex toys, and it is very difficult for designed sex toys to pass the national examination and approval. China’s policy does not allow the promotion of Sex toys, so there are basically no great brands of sex toys in China. A large number of manufacturers of sex toys concentrate on manufacturing and OEM services for foreign Sex Toys brands. This is a present situation of huge industrial division that has been spontaneously formed in China’s sex toys industry over the years.

Excellent suppliers often make customized products for customers. The production process and product quality of customized products can withstand the long-term test of the market. The entire manufacturing and delivery process is very stable. Chinese manufacturers of sex toys can always quickly customize the sex toys that customers want.

If you want to create your own Sex toys brand and grow it, finding a manufacturer of sex toys with very strong customization capabilities is a big competitive advantage for your products in the future.

2 . Production capacity:

The production capacity is mainly reflected in the timely delivery. Most Chinese Sex Toys manufacturers score high in this regard. As long as there are orders, the supply is no problem. The main difference in production capacity is its own flexibility, which is clearly demonstrated in this year’s sex toys industry. Last year, the demand for Sex Toys has risen sharply, and many Chinese manufacturers’ orders have been filled for more than 3 months. Excellent suppliers can quickly expand production capacity according to existing standards, or borrow the production capacity of sister factories to meet customer delivery requirements.

3 . Quality Control Capability:

Quality is always the most important element of a product. The business can grow over time, the essence is that products can get positive feedback from the market.

How to judge the quality of the products produced by a sex toys manufacturer? First of all, Sex Toys are consumer products. We are both merchants and consumers. From the consumer’s point of view, imagine whether you or the people around you can accept its quality. Your reaction reflects if it is good or bad.

Secondly, we can visit the factory and understand its manufacturing and testing process, and then combine it with the company’s brand awareness to judge. A good factory pays great attention to every manufacturing detail. For example: If the customer reports that hair is found in the delivered product, our factory will immediately rectify it and require all production workers to wear hair masks. Thirdly, You can take samples from several suppliers for Side-by-side comparisons, and it is obvious which product is better.

4 . Cost Control Capability:

Cost control ability is mainly reflected in the price of the product. Sex toys manufacturers are also merchants, and they all operate factories for profit. If you have enough experience in the sex toys industry, especially in manufacturing, then you can roughly calculate its production cost based on the samples. The price of supply minus the cost of production is the profit of the factory. Reasonable factory profit is the ultimate goal of your price negotiation. Do not deliberately force prices down. To significantly force prices down in the context of a lack of understanding of costs is actually forcing suppliers to reduce the quality of their products.
Excellent manufacturers have a large number of orders every month, and they master good negotiation skills to negotiate with downstream material and parts suppliers. So they have an advantage in the purchasing price. In addition, if suppliers have better control over costs and financial expenses, then they can supply high-quality and competitive price products.

5 . Communication Ability:

Customers are used to collecting market information and feedback on products. How the information that customers pay attention to can be quickly and accurately reflected in the manufactured products, so as to get better market feedback, which requires manufacturers to have good communication skills and to respond quickly to what is happening.
Excellent sex toy manufacturers have a good sense of service and can stand at the forefront of the market together with customers, helping customers deal with after-sales, feedback, and product corrections.
In China, there are various sex toy suppliers with different scales, different products, and different business concepts. According to the type and stage of own sex toy business, finding the most suitable manufacturer that can meet own needs is the most important to the development of the business.

Homisextoys  (wholesale sex toys manufacturer) has many years of experience in the manufacture of Sex Toys. It is also a service brand that specializes in serving overseas Sex Toys business. In response to the needs of our customers, we provide the greatest help and support within our ability to serve our customers’ business. We are ready to serve your business at any time.

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Save Money: Buy Your Sex Toys Direct From China’s Largest Sex Toy Supplier

How to find China Sex Toy Wholesaler, Sex Toy Supplier and Sex toy Manufacturer, Wholesale from Sex Toy Shop from china adult toy.

Let’s face it if you are in any business; you need the newest product at the best price. Being in the Adult niche means this is even more important.

The reality is the sex industry offers massive opportunities to nimble entrepreneurs.

Buying Direct From A Chinese Sex toy Manufacturer.

In reality, practically every sex product is made in China, and many follow a very complex supply chain to reach your business and be sold to your customers.

While all sex toys are made in China, they are sometimes designed in different countries; for instance, some are designed in The US and Made in China.

The supply chain to your business goes something like this Adult Product Designer, Sex Toy Manufacture, Sex Toy Wholesaler, Adult Shop or Website, Customer. Along the way, every single one of these people is adding a percentage to the sale. Each step cuts your margin.

Yes, some of these manufacturers offer drop shipping for their more oversized, more expensive products. Imagine if you can buy direct from china, direct from the sex toy manufacturer straight to your door. Or even better, straight to your customer.

So Why Don’t All Sex Toy Shop Buy Direct From China

One major stumbling block from buying directly from china is getting a quality manufacturer, one with a track record that will deliver on time and budget. You don’t want to receive wrong or low-quality sexual products.

The second problem is freight cost and freight time. This can add quite a bit to the cost of your goodies and must be taken into account when pricing your order. Another problem is minimum order quantities. These can sometimes be too big for a regular business to use. But don’t worry we have a solution.

What You Need Is a Chinese Sex Toy Manufacturer that Delivers.
You Should Look for In A Sex Toy Wholesaler Sex Toy Wholesaler. After a lot of trial and error stumbled on Shenzhen AIERSHI Technology Co, located in Shenzhen, the heart of the Chinese sex toy industry.

AIERSHI Technology is a joint venture between Chinas biggest Sex Toy manufacturer and a large manufacturer of raw materials. It was set up to specifically overseas service markets.

AIERSHI aims to supply the best product at the best price to adult retailers outside China.

They are explicitly targeting international customers. Their goal is to make a product that makes your customers happy at a price that makes everyone happy.

Buying Direct from AIERSHI technology China

You have two options for buying directly from AIERSHI. The first is to contact us directly via their wholesale sex products website or if you want to get a sex toy sample to visit our online store.

We have a motivated customer service team that has one goal. To help retailers succeed because shared success equals happy customers.