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Wholesale sex toys

Do you want to import sex toys from China and resell them in your country? If you have come to this article it is probably because you already know that their import is particular.

As sensitive products, sex toys follow somewhat different rules from other products.

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How To Import Sex Toys From China

When you start a business about sex toys or would like to shop overseas, China is your best choice to do it well. Erotic Toys China.

When you start a business about sex toys or would like to shop overseas, China is your best choice to do it well. Because it is known as erotic toys China. But you may have a question:
How Can I Purchase Sex Toys From China?
Before carrying out the shopping idea,you need to know whether importing sex toys are illegal in your country. Many countries prohibit from importing or selling synthetic sex organs,such as the below map:
sex toys
After making it clear and knowing if it is illegal,you could look for a company to continue the ideas.
How To Find A Dependable Sex Toys Supplier? How to buy toys direct from China?
Google Search.
Adding keywords like Factory,Wholesale,OEM,Manufacturer,Customized,Supplier,or buy toys direct from chinaetc.
And then,you could analyze their websites,send them an email, and ask their questions directly.
If their answer is irrelevant,I think you know how to distinguish. And you also could Make a Phone/Video Call with them before order or production.
Companies develop business on google and spend lots of money on advertising and exhibition. Most of us are trying to give the clients the best service and hope to make a long-term business relationship with them.
I think you will have another question:
What Information Should I Know Before I Buy It?
In addition to the: quantity,size,color,product material,and own real needs are also important. In the following article,we will discuss how to choose your favorite sex toys.
After learning the information,you can place an order with the seller if you think this product is suitable.
So far,you have completed most import work and then left it to the seller to operate and wait for the goods to arrive in your country.
In addition,we still need to know the shipment method.
Mode of transportation
In China(erotic toys china),most sellers distribute adult toys through China Post.
China Post supplies better prices and services. It also could be delivered to most overseas countries and regions. Although it is slower than the express,it is still a perfect choice for you.
When the goods arrive at the customs,you only need to pay a small amount of import duty to clear the Customs,and then you can wait for the final delivery.
The delivery time is about two weeks to a month.
Some buyers will choose International Express delivery for transportation too. Usually,this kind of product is customized.
Through international express,the seller and the buyer can confirm the order rapidly and then continue the next round of negotiations.
After confirming the samples and completing the bulk cargo,there will be some transportation methods: International Express,Air,Sea,and Land.
According to the product volume,with battery or not,communicate with the seller in detail,choose the appropriate shipping method,and complete the purchase of the whole batch of goods.
Of course,if you are often engaged in commodity import,you would have your cooperative forwarders in China. We need to send the goods to your forwarder and complete the delivery.
In a word
The whole import process seems to be very complicated,but it is so simple. The main point you need to know is whether it is legal to import adult products into your country;there is no more difference between normal product imports and sex toys.
All right,that’s all for today’s sharing. If you have any questions,you can leave us a comment below.

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Why Do People Wear Butt Plugs?

When it comes to butt plugs, most people who like them really, really like them.  On the other hand, folks who have never tried an anal plug may see the appeal. Butt plugs are one of those ‘if you know, you know’ things. Sure, there are many intrepid sexual explorers who have “use a butt plug” listed on their sexual bucket list, but others turn red and dissolve into giggles at the mere mention of these anal wonder sex toys. So today, we’re taking back to (butt) basics and answering the BIG question: Why do people wear butt plugs?

Whether you’re curious about butt play or have always wondered what butt plugs even do/are for, this one’s for you. Read on to learn what butt plugs are, why people wear them, how to pick out a butt plug of your own, and how to play safe once you do. Hold on tight, folks, because it’s time to dive into the world of butt plugs!

Wolverine Prostate Vibrator


A butt plug is a toy designed specifically to go into the anus. Butt plugs often feature a tapered shape (thinner up top, thicker below), which makes insertion easier, but there are other shapes, including rounded, textured, and reverse-tapered, too. The larger, penetrable end of the anal plug is usually connected to a thinner neck or stem and finishes off with a flared base to keep the plug safely anchored outside the body. Though size and shape may vary from plug to plug, the format of insertable portion + neck + flared base is pretty standard. 

That base, by the way, is crucial when it comes to butt plugs and any anal toy. Why? It’s very possible for items inserted into the anus to penetrate too far and require medical intervention to remove. Let’s just avoid that scenario, shall we? 

Butt plugs are unique in that they can be used in conjunction with many other adult sex toys and during many sexual activities (intercourse included). Additionally, they can be used to stimulate the anus in preparation for anal sex. Depending on the shape, butt plugs can provide prostate or g-spot stimulation, and some even feature vibration or rotation. 


The simplest answer here is probably the best one: people like to use butt plugs and anal beads because they feel good. That said, we can definitely talk a bit about why butt plugs feel good and what you or your partner(s) might get out of wearing one. 

To understand where the sexual pleasure factor comes from, it’s important to remember that not only is the anus packed with nerve endings, but it is also conveniently adjacent to the prostate and the G-spot, depending on your internal anatomy.  All of this means that stimulating the anus has tons of potential for tons of sexual pleasure!

Let’s get specific about some of the reasons folks might use a butt plug:

Prostate stimulation

If you’ve got a prostate (a small gland that is about the size of a walnut located between the base of the penis and the rectum), you might find that using a butt plug can stimulate it, which can feel really really good, and even lead to a prostate orgasm.Sound good? There are plenty of butt plugs – they’re usually curvy or strategically swollen – shaped to target the prostate. 


Double penetration

There are many reasons someone with a vagina might enjoy a butt plug, and here’s a big one:  it can provide the sensation of double penetration. Double penetration (being penetrated on both the vagina and anus simultaneously) is a popular sexual fantasies, but it’s an act that can be logistically tricky. Wearing a butt plug during penis (or dildo)-in-vagina intercourse is an easy way to deliver that DP sensation.

Anal sex prep

Lots of folks enjoy anal sex, but the anus can be very tight, and its skin can be very delicate. Using a well-lubed butt plug for bit of penetrative “warm up” before anal sex or deeper anal exploration can make things more comfortable.


Dominance and submission

For folks who are into BDSM, butt plugs can be a fun part of dominance and submission games. One example would be when a dominant orders their sub to wear a butt plug during the day under threat of (consensual) punishment if they remove it.


To add a little spice

Butt plugs are great for folks who want to add a little something to their sexual repetoire because they can be worn while you do the other stuff you enjoy doing. Think of butt plugs as a new spice added to a favorite dish.

Now that we know some of the reasons why someone might want to wear a butt plug let’s talk about how to go about choosing the plug for you or your partner. 


Butt plugs come in a truly shocking amount of styles and aesthetics. Do you like bling? There are plugs for that. Want some badass steel? There are plugs for that, too. Rainbows, a horse (or bunny, raccoon, fox, or unicorn) tail, a peephole that allows your partner to look directly into you? These are all options. So, how do you start? Here are some things to think about that will help you zero in on your ideal butt plug:


Like most other toys, including dildos and vibrators, butt plugs are made out of a whole lot of different materials. I advise choosing something nonporous (no little nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide in) and something easy to clean because, well, it’s going into (and coming out of) your butt. Silicone, glass (no, it won’t shatter, I promise), and steel are some of my top recommendations when it comes to butt plugs. 


Butt plugs come in sizes ranging from “comparable to a pinky” to “Good god! That’s going where?!?!” If you are new to plugs, it’s a good idea to start small. If you know you’ll want to go bigger eventually, there are plenty of anal training kits and plug collections that feature an assortment of different sizes. That said, you can also buy a single small plug and use that forever. It’s all up to you. 


There is also variety when it comes to butt plug shapes. Some are slim and sleek, while others are rounder and fuller. Some plugs have long necks, and others have very short ones. Shape preference can be something you figure out by using different plugs.


Do you want your plug to do other stuff? Vibrate? Light up? Expand? Look around to see what sounds fun to you. 

Once you’ve picked a plug, how do you go about using it? Let’s talk about it!


Are butt plugs safe? Yes, they are. Using a butt plug is actually pretty straightforward, but here are some tips to make sure you’re safe and comfortable so you can get the absolute most out of your butt plug experience. 


Earlier, I mentioned how the anus sphincter muscles are naturally tight. This is a good thing anatomically, but it requires a little/a lot of patience in terms of anal penetration. Plus, the automatic response to something approaching the anal sphincter is to clench. To avoid all that tension, take some time to relax. A warm bath or hot shower can work wonders. 


You want to use lube. A lot of it. The anus does not self-lubricate, so in order to avoid damaging delicate butt  tissue, lube is a must. For anal play with toys, I recommend a thick water based lube. 

Take your time

Ease into anal play before you insert anything in your anus. Maybe use your fingers (or a partner’s fingers) to gently massage the area around your anus.  

Exhale and push out

When its time to insert the plug, go slow and know that it might take some time. Also, use your breath and your muscles to make it a little easier. When it’s time to push the (well-lubricated) plug in, take a deep breath and then insert the plug as you exhale. Also, as counter-intuitive as it sounds gently pushing out like you would to poop can relax the muscles and make insertion more comfortable. 

When you are done

When you want to remove the plug, you can add some more lube, grasp the base and gently ease the plug out as you exhale. Wash your plug with warm water and soap before putting it away. If you notice minor soreness, know that that is normal and should go away within a day. If you experience lingering pain, please consult a doctor. 

So, that’s the story on butt plugs and why people wear them. From anal stimulation to domination and submission, there are a whole lot of reasons to give butt plugs a try.  If, now that you know the what, the why, and the how, you think you might want to give it a try, check out homitoy’s selection of butt plugs, anal toys, prostate stimulators,and more!


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Why Is Sex Always An My Mind

sex love

Sex has been one of the most important parts of a relationship.
Not just because it makes the bond between a couple stronger, but it is also known to boost the chances of a healthy pregnancy.
This raises the question of why does sex always make the rounds in my thoughts? Here is why.
Sex Enhances The Bond Between A Couple


When you are in a relationship, the special moments make it more special. Every day, your partner tells you the meaning of life, inspires you, and makes you feel loved. That is why is sex always on my mind.
If this doesn’t make you feel special, you are not ready for a relationship. These moments and the affection your partner shows you make your relationship more significant.
So, whenever the opportunity arises, and you feel like it, go for a stroll. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you cannot make time for yourself.
Sex Makes Your Life More Amusing


Why is sex always on my mind.

If there is a situation when you are alone and you are not feeling the love, sex can lift your spirits.

The moment you have made a connection with your partner, there is always a sense of knowing someone more.

However, one thing that sex does is giving you the possibility to connect in different ways.

Sex Is Not Just An Activity

Sex is not just an activity for you to do once in a while but is something that takes a part in your life.

When you have sex, you take part in a union that goes beyond just physical intimacy.

You connect physically, but you also connect emotionally, sexually, and spiritually with the person you are in a relationship with. In a relationship, sex has a very different meaning, especially for the couple.

Why Is Sex Always On My Mind?

sex toys

When you think about sex, you have to take the things that have been discussed here into account. The first one is that sex isn’t just a fun thing to do for you and your partner. Sex makes life more interesting.

  1. Physical Intimacy Is Important For A Relationship

As a couple, your intimacy will always be high if you are both sexually active. If your sex is out of the blue, it is not the same as planned sex.

  1. Sex Makes Your Life More Amusing

As we have mentioned above, sex is the one thing that can lift up your spirits when you are alone.

You are not someone who is expected to be always happy, but you can make yourself happy by doing some things which make you laugh.

One way to do this is to have a lot of conversations with your partner about anything and everything.

Sex helps your bond to grow stronger

sexy love

The most important thing about a relationship is how you feel when you are with your partner.

When you have a connection with someone, you always have that sense of knowing that they know you and have this intense connection with you.

Be honest about how sex affects you

Sex is one of those things that truly bring us pleasure and satisfaction. And there’s a reason why it’s one of the most commonly pleasurable experiences a couple can have.

Most people aren’t saying “I want to have sex with you and then go straight to bed,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

You shouldn’t feel bad about it. In fact, it’s often a good thing, as it shows that you’re both secure in your relationship and trusting of each other.

If you’re feeling any sexual tension and are uncomfortable talking about it or lying to your partner, you could start with saying, “It feels really good when you give me oral sex” or, “I’m really into it when you give me a hand job” or, “It excites me when you go down on me”.

Then ask them what they like or don’t like about it.

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about how much you like sex

Many people feel weird or awkward about sex because of low confidence or shame. It doesn’t have to be this way – it’s all about you and what feels good for you and your partner.

If you’re constantly finding yourself struggling to come up with excuses not to have sex with your partner, it might be time to have a bit more honest conversation about how you’re feeling.

It might be time to chat to your GP or sex therapist if you’re not happy with your body or performance or have found yourself avoiding sex with them or trying to hide away during sex.

Listen to your partner and their needs, too, by being more open to asking them what makes them feel happy or relaxed during sex.